How one Daycare doubled their net income with

Hopping In

The Nook Preschool, opened their doors in July 2017. They launched with Hopping In and the results it had on their business were startling. Hopping In, a breakthrough software allows daycares to list their vacant spots and parents the flexibility to add on full or half days. Parents with children in full or part-time care are able to earn money back when they list an available slot (when their child is on vacation or out sick) and it is purchased. With Hopping In, daycares can increase revenues without increasing their costs.

“As a daycare operator, opening a new business can be intimidating. There are a lot of fixed costs right out the gate and a lot of vacant spots you need to fill in order to get out of the red”

Stephanie Nelson Director of the Nook Preschool

With so many vacant spots, The Nook Preschool was unsure the effect Hopping In would have on their business. Determined to do everything in their power to fill those spots, they launched Hopping In. They told every parent about the flexibility Hopping In provides, and urged them to create their own account.

“Communicating the program to parents was critical to its success.”

By October, just 3 months after opening, Hopping In contributed to over 50% of the Nook Preschool’s Net Income. Many daycare centers, will not see a profit for 6-12 months so being able to not only see profits, but double their monthly profit within 3 months is extremely promising.

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Author: Lucy Stevens

Happy Daycare Teacher

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