Daycare center pest control matters!

Bugs and critters can cause illness, disease and painful bites. We want to keep our daycares free of germs and insects to keep everyone happy and healthy, so having a 100% pest-free daycare is a must. Spiders, roaches, beetles, silverfish, ants, mice and ticks aren’t kiddos and they have no place in a daycare center!

Having said that, balance is important. Don’t overdo daycare center pest control; if it’s not done properly or if it’s done too often, it can harm kids’ health. Follow our guide to the thin line between clean & healthy and too clean to be healthy.

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How much does daycare center pest control cost, and how often should you do it?

Daycare center pest control can be several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your facility. If possible, get quotes from a few different exterminators.

In terms of frequency, you should have pest control done only when it’s needed. If you have a high density of bugs and are in a humid, cramped location or an old building, it may be more often. Sometimes you may need to have an exterminator over bi-monthly, or perhaps every month or two months.

Always keep in mind that regular extermination methods can pose a genuine health risk, so if you’ve started needing to call the exterminator every two weeks, it may be time to look into ways of generating extra revenue and moving somewhere nicer.

Daycare center pest control uses potentially dangerous pesticides, so it should be done only when necessary.Here’s what the EPA has to say…

There are legitimate health concerns about daycare centers who hire exterminators on a frequent, ongoing basis, whether or not there are infestations. Daycare center pest control is a necessity and exterminators know what they’re doing, but if there aren’t pests don’t push it!

The EPA makes good points about the potentially harmful effect of pesticide residues in daycare centers if you do spraying too frequently. Exposure to harmful pesticides can cause asthma and all sorts of bad conditions. In addition, the EPA recommends taking an Integrated Pest Management approach. This approach naturally drives pests away by starving them of food and water.

Consider natural alternatives

There is such a thing as green pest control, and it works well!

There are so many great options to choose from wherever you’re located; for example, take a look at Truly Green Pest Service in Kansas City, MO, to see what a professional green pest control exterminator can do for you and how it all works.

This will get rid of any chance of nasty, toxic pesticide residues while still assuring a thorough extermination. Natural exterminators tend to use plant-based and non-toxic sprays. This keeps your daycare center pest control up to date without the toxins.

It can be costly, but there is always room for your budget to grow. For example, make use of Hopping In to fill out your vacant spots and manage absences in a way that earns you more money and gives parents refunds at the same time.

And finally, remember that keeping the daycare center clean will go a long way to keeping pests away. Whatever you do, make sure that cleanliness is the standard in your daycare, and you’ll already be winning at daycare center pest control.

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Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill unused spots.

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