Prodigy Preschool will serve children aged 2-5. Our mission is to provide quality education to promote school readiness and enhance children’s physical development. We believe each child is unique with different abilities, interests, and talents. For this important reason, we are committed to providing a diverse learning environment that will engage learning and exploration. Our teaching objectives and environmental settings will be designed to satisfy each child’s needs, thoughts, and interests, where each child is guided to learn problem-solving strategies to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Children will be able to explore and learn safely with toys and equipment appropriate for their age. Our primary goal is to help each child become more independent and capable by building each child’s self-confidence with a positive image. We will do so by providing opportunities for children to investigate and learn through play and structured activities, individually and in groups, according to their developmental needs and interests.

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Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill empty spots.

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Prodigy Preschool at Providence Christian Church
101 Providence Way
Conveniently located in Brannon Crossing!
Nicholasville KY 40356
United States