Professional photography can make your daycare center marketing materials sparkle!

You may be surprised to learn that professionally photographing your daycare center is one of the most effective ways of marketing your services, but don’t be. Daycare center marketing is all about showing the best you have to offer. And when it comes to daycare marketing ideas, photos lead the way.

Parents want a great place for their kiddo, and photos show them that you offer just that.

Learn everything you need to know about professional daycare center photography in our video:

Having professional photographs taken will be one of the best daycare marketing ideas you ever have.

I’m not talking about do-it-yourself-photography, either. Professional photography of your home-based or center-based daycare will be one of your biggest marketing assets. It’s fair to say that professional photographs pay major dividends for years to come.

You should invest time and money in finding the photographer who’s best for your needs. If the money is tight, look into options Hopping In gives you to earn extra revenue from your empty spots, and channel those funds into marketing materials that will raise your enrollment numbers.

Hiring a professional photographer to photograph your daycare will be one of the best daycare marketing ideas you ever have.Hire a pro

Don’t skimp on this — hire a real pro who does interior commercial photos to do the photoshoot. Instead of opting to just snap a few photos yourself or asking a friend who does photography as a hobby to come by, you will set yourself apart by hiring a true professional.

Set the stage

Prior to your photoshoot, stage your daycare center beautifully and carefully. Make sure it’s clean and well-organized. Arrange the book shelves so that they are neat and attractive. Get all the toys organized and ensure all your best features are front and center. You don’t want to show any fraying cardboard, scattered building blocks, or things like that. Make sure everything you have out is in pristine condition and superbly-organized.

Showcase the most beautiful parts of your daycare with pride, from the play area to the kitchen. We all know that, usually, a picture says a thousand words. Well, in daycare it says 19 words: “I am a professional who provides a safe, clean, attractive environment and you want your child to be here.”

See where I’m going here?

This is why having professional photographs of your daycare center is so worth it. Daycare center marketing ideas sometimes vary in effectiveness depending on your target customers and services, but having professional photographs of your center has no downside and a world of upsides.

In addition to the first marketing boost the photos help generate, you’ll use and reuse these photos a ton and it’ll take the burden off of having to do a lot of graphic design work. The photos will simply speak for themselves, and they will be the centerpiece of your marketing collateral.

Hiring a professional photographer is a definite win-win. It can pay off for years down the road and skyrocket the effectiveness of your marketing. Professional photographs go such a long way, it simply can’t be understated!

Bonus: Any graphic designer you work with will also thank you for making their life a lot easier!

Tips for hiring the right photographer

If you haven’t worked with a professional photographer before, the amount of choices on the market can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for how to judge which photographer is going to do the best job for your daycare center.

1. Does their portfolio have similar work to the daycare photos you want them to take?

Hire someone who’s done similar work in the past. This gives you the chance to look at their style and abilities and to envision the kind of photos the photographer will take for you. If a friend recommends someone or even if you really like a photographer’s work, try to envision if their approach and favorite subjects to photograph will be a good fit for photographing your daycare center.

2. Do they specialize in interior photography and are they passionate about it?

A photographer whose specialty is sports photography or weddings might not have the expertise or interest to do a great photoshoot in your daycare center. Find a photographer who responds enthusiastically to your offer and demonstrates a specialty understanding of how to make interior photography shine. Also, let them tell you about their past projects and their approach to taking the best photographs.

3. Do they have good testimonials and reviews?

Reading what others have said about the photographer you’re considering can be helpful. Was the photographer in question good to work with and communicative? Did they go the extra mile to produce an amazing final product? As the saying goes, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Photography is hard work. Find a photographer who preps and shoots patiently and with excellence.

4. Do they understand what you want to communicate about your center through the photoshoot?

Maybe you want to emphasize how fun your daycare center is, or how comfortable. Perhaps it’s the welcoming atmosphere and spaciousness that you feel is your biggest selling point. Then again, maybe it’s all those things and more… The point is that you need to find a photographer who listens to your vision and works to meet it.

Taking a few high-quality but bland photos of the entrance might not bring in the rush of new parents you’re hoping for. Find a photographer who listens and communicates about how to present the strongest elements of your daycare center with sparkling, eye-catching photographs.

When it comes right down to, like I said, hiring a professional photographer is going to be one of the best daycare center marketing ideas you’ve ever had. Photography looks easy but a lot goes into it — hire the right person and enjoy having a final product that showcases your daycare center at its very best!

Author: Hopping In Blog

Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill unused spots.

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