There is no daycare center without safety.

While this can sometimes be taken for granted, it’s always good to highlight all the measures you are taking to keep the kids safe. Parents are aware of state and federal regulations but there is nothing like reassurance coming directly from the owner.

Every parent wants to know exactly how safe their child is and with HoppingIn‘s guide, you can even use your daycare center safety measures to build enrollment.

The As and Bs of Daycare Center Safety

Sure, there are regulations that every daycare center has to meet. But just because it’s a priority doesn’t mean that it’s every owner’s priority number one. By encouraging safety consciousness and installing the right features, you can make your daycare center safer than others and get a plus in every parent’s book.

As with everything, a little education goes a long way. The first thing you can do is introduce your staff to the safety policies, measures and features. With practice, it will become second nature to them to be conscious of safety at all times.

Other things that can help are evacuation plans and regular fire drills. With the world’s ever-changing circumstances, parents are hearing news about earthquakes and fires more often than ever. A good daycare center should be up to date and meet needs as they arise.

While this can be time consuming, it will save you time in case something bad happens, and parents will rest easy knowing that you have a plan for whatever happens.

Safety, doesn’t stop with natural disasters. The only people you need in your daycare are your staff, kids, parents and you. When it comes to access to your daycare, installing keypad code entry doors or system of key is one of the most important things you can do.

Daycare Center Safety as Priority #1

There’s nothing like a good website to show that in your daycare center, safety comes first.

However, don’t keep it at that. There’s a difference between tacking a note on your site and really knowing and meaning it. Follow up on your stated commitment by knowing the regulations on safety – from outdoor and food-related daycare safety to First Aid (CPR) and reporting any abuse-related situations to authorities.

It’s not always just about knowing the rules yourself – educate kids and parents about them, and make safety common knowledge around everyone’s dinner table.

daycare center safetyKnow Your Daycare Center Safety Stuff

And show it. What’s even better, invite others to show that safety is ever-evolving and you are staying on top of it.

Hiring external safety consultants to assess your daycare center’s safety and emergency plans can help even with training staff. Not everyone reacts the same way in an unusual situation – professionals can help explain the procedures and make sure no one freezes in case of a scare.

On the other hand, hearing that you’ve given staff extra security training is going to get the parents’ attention and interest. In childcare, nothing says “I care” as much as concrete action and professional safety education.

Handling Kids’ Questions

When something bad happens in the news or at a school, kids may hear about it through the media. Depending on the age of your youngsters they may ask questions or get upset.

If this happens, it’s important that staff validate the kids’ feelings and listen to them. Let them know they are safe and protected at all times at your daycare center. Encourage an environment of positivity and group solidarity where staff and kids know they are all in it together and keeping everyone happy and safe!

Safety As Second Nature

Knowing rules is one thing – adopting rules as second nature is another.

In safety, what matters most is that everyone is on the same page. If staff are serious about safety, kids will be, too. Make sure fire drills, daycare center access, lunchtime etiquette and everything else has set rules that don’t get skipped.

The same goes for access to your daycare center and picking up kids – there should be an established and airtight system in place.Further authorizations for pickups must go through a strict approval process.

Safety should always come first, and demonstrating a commitment to safety on your daycare center website and marketing materials will be sure to attract interest from prospective parents and boost enrollment.

If allocating funds for extra safety features isn’t the easiest task right now, you can look into ways of earning extra revenue. For example, Hopping In allows you to do so passively by letting parents book unused slots and get some of their tuition back.

Daycare center safety is the first thing everyone thinks of but it’s good to show that you think about it even more. Parents will notice, and reward you for it.

Author: Hopping In Blog

Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill unused spots.

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