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Kinderlime is a uniquely intuitive software which offers smart messaging and administration. It saves time, it saves money and it also saves your nerves. It’s a relief for daycare owners, staff and parents.

Its versatility allows you to mix and match without worrying whether the software is going to support your management style.

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As a part of our childcare management software review series, today we will be taking a look at Kinderlime.

For all our talk of how important it is to get information, we easily forget that what matters even more is getting the right information.

Fortunately, Kinderlime knows better.

In a nutshell, it’s software designed to fit all of the daycare and school owners’ tasks into one manageable app. It streamlines the process of management – from tracking comings and goings to yearly tax report statements.

In addition to basic features like meal plans, Kinderlime also has a couple of features that are greatly beneficial to every daycare owner.

Mix and Match (and don’t worry)

It seems like a lot of software is designed for cookie-cutter schools and daycare centers that only have one tuition plan. Even though that is the easiest approach, it fails to cover other possibilities, which is what makes Kinderlime’s Attendance Plan feature a breath of fresh air.

To put it simply, this feature is versatile and adapts to every child’s needs. A child may be subscribed to attending only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays as a part of the regular tuition plan, but with an added regular drop-in on Friday.

It’s hard to schedule and bill that with regular software. With Kinderlime, you just need to schedule it the first time and let the software do its thing in the future. It also works really well with Hopping In when it comes to booking part-time slots or drop-ins. You don’t need to do any extra paperwork that the software doesn’t cover. It covers pretty much everything.

Before and After Kinderlime

This versatility brings us back to Kinderlime knowing exactly what information you need. Instead of forcing you to adjust to how it works, Kinderlime adjusts to how you and the parents work.

It’s great software whose addition can really help with making your daycare stand out with new parents. Similar to Hopping In, which allows parents to book empty slots and get partial tuition back (while helping you earn more revenue), Kinderlime knows that in order to be successful, you have to go above and beyond.

Parent Connection

Parents have enough on their mind as it is without worrying what their kids are up to in daycare or in school.

With Kinderlime, they get the freedom to choose what they want to see. Since they can use the app, they can adjust their notification settings according to what they think is most important. They get a lot of options to choose from; from receiving photos of their kids playing to incident reports, and can filter out what they think matters.

In case of incidents or urgencies, Kinderlime allows the daycare providers to send notifications and text messages to parents. This bypasses whatever filters the parents may have put in place, and makes sure that the information reaches them in time.

If an incident happens, the report will be sent to parents along with a photo so they can assess the situation. Every parent is going to get scared when they hear about their kid getting hurt but this way, there’s no need for unwarranted panic if it’s only a minor bump that didn’t stop their child from climbing the monkey bars again.

The UI is sleek and easy to use

Another neat trick is messaging parents just in time. For example, if an urgent face-to-face meeting is required, you can schedule a message that will reach them exactly when they check in at drop-off time.

It’s a very intuitive software that, like I already said, doesn’t just know that you want information – but also when you want it. When you add that to the easily customizable attendance plan, it becomes pretty clear that Kinderlime is here for its users – not the other way around.

Less Paperwork, More Real Work

Kinderlime stays true to their mission: empowering schools to operate at their full potential.

First enemy? Paperwork.

Instead of making owners and employees pore over papers for hours and hours, Kinderlime eviscerates the need for that by tracking changes and creating reports as they occur – resulting in one-click yearly statements.

By saving time and money, Kinderlime allows you to free up your schedule for other, more important things. Paperwork is a necessary evil, but in this case you don’t have to worry. Not about the hours spent on paperwork, and not about the planet, either.

Overview of Features

  • Sign In-Out (for parents and staff)
  • Parent Billing (tuition and attendance, as well as auto-pay)
  • Parent Connection (messaging, photo sharing, notifications)
  • Childcare Management (all-in-one solution)
  • Available for daycare, preschool and after school


Kinderlime offers a free 30-day trial. After that, it is charged on a per-student basis.

Pros & Cons of Kinderlime

Kinderlime is a uniquely intuitive software which offers smart messaging and administration. It saves time, it saves money and it also saves your nerves. It’s a relief for daycare owners, staff and parents.

Its versatility allows you to mix and match without worrying whether the software is going to support your management style.

The disadvantages of Kinderlime are hard to find since it covers everything and adds in new features no one else thought of. Every bit of the program is explained with helpful videos detailing the features and how owners can use them.

User Reviews

Daniel Paul says: “Kinderlime is polished. More smooth admin and customer experience over many of the other competitors,” while Kathi Stirling points out that “billing is more precise for the parents to see exactly the amount of time that their children were in attendance.”

Kinderlime – Yay or Nay?

HoppingIn votes yay.

Kinderlime has all the features you need, and additional ones that you always wanted. It understands its users and makes every aspect of owning or using a daycare more efficient.

It’s an all-in-one solution that knows exactly what you need to solve.

Author: Hopping In Blog

Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill unused spots.

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