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We have been using Hoppingin for just over a year now and absolutely love it! It has become an amazing benefit for our families giving them flexibility when they need a day as well as some credit if they miss a day for any reason. It has also saved us time, effort and money in that we no longer need to go back and forth with parents via email or phone to see if there is availability for their scheduling needs. Finally, we have seen close to an additional thousand dollars in income every month since we started using Hoppingin! If you run a childcare center, you and your families need this system at your preschool. 

Ben Poswalk

Executive Director , Paradise Place Preschool

Hopping In has been by far the EASIEST program to implement in my preschools. The amount of parent appreciation this program brought us immediately upon release, was AMAZING!  I would advise any preschool, daycare or home provider to take the 15 minutes it takes to get on board with this program immediately. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Thank you Hopping In for creating the FIRST program of this nature to address extra income that can be “created” using absences. It is a WIN/WIN!

Casey Kennedy

Owner/Operator, Bloom Academy, Florida

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