Start earning money from your unused daycare spots.

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I own several daycare centers and I noticed that my empty spots and no shows could easily be used by other part-time parents or even drop-in customers. But, collecting payments and keeping track of what spots are opened from day to day was confusing, to say the least.

I created a system that made all this effortless. That’s why I set up Hopping In. 

With Hopping In, you can easily list your available spots to your parents for instant purchase online.

Hopping In will take care of the rest, including processing the payments and keeping track of days, classrooms, children and parents.

It works by tracking parent absences and vacant spots for you. Then, parents simply browse & book extra days! You literally make more money from your existing customer base, without any extra effort! 

– Sholom Strick,  Daycare owner and founder of Hopping In


Sell those empty spots to part-time customers looking for additional care: 

✅  Easy online setup

✅  Sell vacant or absent spots

✅  Make more from your existing customer base

✅  Parents pay instantly online

Cloud based mobile friendly software

…saying the words, “I don’t know our availability off the top of my head, just go to Hopping In and you can find out and sign up” are such a relief to say.  Niki Van Cleave

Owner/Director , Katie's Kids: A Christian Early Childhood Center

As a daycare operator, opening a new business can be intimidating. There are a lot of fixed costs right out the gate and a lot of vacant spots you need to fill in order to get out of the red Stephanie Nelson

Director, The Nook Daycare

I feel good about helping kids who need additional care. Plus, we’re booking thousands more a month using Hopping In! Maria Castro

Director, Tiny Tot Daycare

Make your daycare more profitable!

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