Daycare center staff gossip isn’t your friend …

As a daycare provider you want to have smooth sailing as much as possible. Nonetheless, situations come up with daycare center staff gossip. Whether it’s something large or small, some providers can experience their staff getting derailed a bit into chit-chat and gossip about fellow employees. Daycare center staff gossip can cut down on productivity and it can decrease trust between staff and overall morale. There can also be situations that arise with staff chatting a bit too openly with parents about other parents or kids’ behavior. Needless to say this isn’t exactly helpful in creating a trusting and welcoming atmosphere at your daycare center.

Small talk and jokes are a natural part of the work day, but daycare center staff gossip can get out of hand if it's not nipped in the bud. Don’t let daycare center staff gossip fester: face it head-on!

If gossip is left unchecked it can add up to really hurt feelings and frayed tempers. You want to nip this in the bud. In addition to making it clear during staff orientation that malicious or scandalous gossip or criticism won’t be tolerated, you want to make it clear in meetings, too. If staff are running their mouths and things are getting snippy, call a meeting in your office and bring up the subject directly. Does somebody have an issue with someone else and it’s creating a chain-reaction of gossip and bad feelings? Get it out in the open and deal with it. Make it clear that if trash talk continues dismissal (being fired) may result.

Some small talk is fine — but trash talk isn’t …

Small talk and jokes are a natural part of the work day. That said, daycare center staff gossip can get out of hand if it’s not nipped in the bud. It’s natural that staff are going to develop a rapport with each other and even with parents. This is normal and healthy relationships with parents should be encouraged. However, when it crosses the line into criticizing others behind their backs or making fun of someone in a disrespectful way it’s gone too far. As a provider you don’t need to micromanage, but you do need to set down and enforce clear boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Encouraging employees to support each other and communicate directly instead of gossiping is a great way to cut down on Small talk and jokes are a natural part of the work day, but daycare center staff gossip. Encourage employees to support each other instead …

Of course staff are going to want to voice concerns. Make sure they know the process for dealing with their concerns. Whatever the case you don’t want to let problems fester and turn into background gossip. If you can rally your employees together and get them to support each other you’ll be much better off. One idea is to create an “Appreciation Board” where staff can tack up compliments to each other. Consider adding in an incentive like a monthly gift card giveaway or free dinner for two. Give this away for one of the staff who posts an appreciative note. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. Don’t let daycare center staff gossip get in the way!

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