Daycare center cleaning is an important part of each day and yet, it can be tough to stay organized.

From the baby room to the toddler and preschool room, there’s so much to remember. Thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, from door handles to counter tops, is just one part of daily daycare center cleaning. Most of all, it’s your goal to ensure that youngsters stay healthy and sanitary. That’s why cleaning is a key part of running a successful and healthy daycare center.

At the beginning and end of each day there are many daycare center cleaning tasks you have to do to ensure classrooms stay organized, neat and hygienic. From remembering to fold laundry, to labeling and putting the date on each little one’s sippy cup, it all needs to get done.

But it can absolutely be done. Check out our tips for juggling daycare center cleaning tasks after or before a long day of stories and playtime.

Learn how to rock your daycare center cleaning routine in our video:


Checklists help you rock your daycare center cleaning big-time

Keeping a daily checklist can be a big help for remembering your daily daycare center cleaning tasks.Checklists are a huge help for keeping track of required daily daycare center cleaning tasks. In addition to reminding you of required daily cleaning, they give a sense of accomplishment and completion.

At the start of the day there’s already a lot to do. Make your bleach-water mix and remember to date it; stock the fridge with lunches or formula; get the crock pot going for lunch; put out toys and set up the room for playtime. Welcome families and their little ones in with some light music in the background.

Also, remember to follow important safety regulations such as keeping cribs 18-inches apart for when babies are sleeping.

There’s also lots to remember when you’re closing up, too. Cleaning, laundry, dealing with diapers, vacuuming and doing dishes are just a few of the basic routines you need to do daily.

There are also many smaller clean-up jobs. This may vary from daycare to daycare, so keep an eye out for the weak spots in yours. Much as it’s the little things that make a house a home, it’s the little details and extra care that make a daycare center go from OK to great.

Don’t stress about what you still need to remember to clean: write it down and focus 100 percent on the kids.

Sometimes it’s good to bring the professionals in to assess your daycare standards and give you tips for making your daycare shine even brighter. This is costly, but you can profit from your empty spots with Hopping In, and allocate those funds to keeping the kids safe and happy with a clean daycare.

You can click here to download a free, detailed checklist to help you keep track of your daily daycare center cleaning, including room duties for opening and closing.

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Sholom Strick is an expert on the business of running daycare centers and founder of Hopping In, a tool that helps childcare centers and family daycare providers fill unused spots.

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